Monday, December 24, 2007


NATIONAL URBAN LEAGUE Originally known as the National League on Urban Conditions Among Negroes, the National Urban League (NUL) has been in existence since 1911. Founded during the early stages of the Great Migration of rural southern blacks to northern cities, the NUL was primarily interested in finding employment for the new arrivals. In addition to job-assistance, the NUL helped southern blacks make' the transition from rural to city life by providing housing, recreational and self-improvement opportunities and facilities.

The NUL describes itself as "a voluntary community service agency of civic, professional, business, labor and religious leaders ... dedicated to the removal of all forms of segregation based on creed or color." Under the leadership of Whitney M. Young, Jr., who served as Execu­tive Director between 1961-71, the Urban League joined with other major civil rights organizations during the 1960's to actively campaign for political and socioeconomic equality for American blacks. See also: GREAT MIGRATION and WHITNEY M. YOUNG.

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