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The compilation of this "lexicon" is intended to provide a brief and convenient guide to the vast array of significant names, terms and events associated with the history of black Americans. Although I have made an attempt to include most of the relevant names and terms common to African American History, this listing is not all-inclusive. Biographical entries, for example, are limited to deceased black Americans and references to current events are not emphasized. That notwithstanding, users of this blog are encouraged to contact me regarding significant omissions and errors. The names and terms are arranged alphabetically for your convenience. Much of the material presented here has been gleaned from my Lexicon of Afro-American History, originally published by Simon & Schuster in 1975 and long since out of print. I will make a serious attempt to update the names and terms as necessity dictates. CLICK ON INDIVIDUAL NAMES AND TERMS ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THIS PAGE.

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