Wednesday, December 26, 2007


FRAZIER, E. FRANKLIN Born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1894, Edward Franklin Frazier was a prominent sociologist best re­membered for his controversial book Black Bourgeoisie (1957) in which he critically maintained that the black middle class in the United States had isolated itself from the problems and vicissitudes of lower-class or poverty-stricken African-Americans.

Educated at Howard University (B.A., 1916), Clark University (M.A., 1920) and the University of Chicago (Ph.D., 1931), Frazier undoubtedly was the most distinguished black sociologist during the first half of the twentieth century. In addition to his Black Bourgeoisie he wrote The Negro Family in the United States (1939), a major if not classic contribution to the litera­ture of sociology, Negro Youth at the Crossroads (1940), Race and Culture Contacts in the Modern World (1957) and The Negro Church in America, published two years after his death in 1962.

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